Something old and something new.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In light of losing my files, from which I'm still weeping, I have started a brand spanking new writing project. I aim for it to be a full-length novel. My new years resolution is to have the first draft finished by April. That is the most reasonable date to me as I start school afresh in about two weeks. With this new idea I'm trying out a new approach to my writing. Planning! I usually never plan anything out. I just start writing. This time I figure, what could it hurt? Nothing. In fact I'm doing pretty well so far. I've planned out the first five chapters, worked on the plot and my main characters all day. I've started writing my first chapter and I'm looking to get at least 2,000 more words down tonight. That should finish up the first chapter.

That was the something new.

Now to the old.

I was looking through my saved emails today, you know cleaning out the riffraff, when I came across an email of my short story that I'd sent myself so I could work on it at my mom's computer (you know, when my computer isn't around). I was so excited that I hadn't lost all of it. I don't have the end, but I didn't like the original ending anyway so now I can change it when I get to that part in the rewrite. Woohoo!

In light of my good mood about recovering my lost work I will leave you with a scene from said work. Keep in mind this is the first draft and unedited.

Realm of the Demon Souls: Two Months Earlier

Vigilo thought about his
daughter a lot these days. As much as he
wanted to see her, he knew it would
only cause trouble for her.

It was at one of these times when he was
thinking about his daughter
that he felt a presence near him. A Master
should feel it in his being when
someone enters his world, but this time it
was different. Someone was watching
him from inside his Realm without
alerting him first.

Well, this is a first, he thought to himself. He
looked about his room
for anything out of place. In the far side of the
room, he spotted a tiny
floating orb. It seemed to dance and take shape
before his eyes.

He thought quickly through the possibilities of the
origin of the
mysterious orb. Low-level Demons simply do not have the skill
to perform light
magic, especially on a Realm Master. Demon Lords have
neither the time nor
patience to deal in such trivial affairs. “No,” he said
aloud, “must be Angel
mockery.” Angels shouldn’t be able to pass through
three worlds completely
undetected, just one of those impossibilities. He
laughed despite himself. For
all he knew it could just be Gerulus, trying to
get a rise out of him. Besides,
he was a Master, not easily intimidated or

Vigilo found himself watching the orb again in spite of his
This time, he noticed, it did take shape. It took on a form that,
even though he
hasn’t laid eyes on in years, he’d never mistake for anything
else. His
daughter. He watched motionless as her every feature etched into
the light.
“Alexandera,” he said barely discernible to his own ears. As the
word passed his
lips, he heard a faint laughter and the image and orb were
gone. For the first
time in his two-hundred odd years as a Master Demon, he
was afraid. Not just for
his daughter’s life, but for is own, as well.

He immediately sent out for the messenger, Gerulus, his old friend, but
immediately in Demon time isn’t always instantaneous. He knew it could be a
while before Gerulus had time to get around to his request. Just as the
left his lips, he felt the force of several beings pass through his
Realm. He
knew they would come for him, quickly, after he sent for Gerulus.
scribbled a note, and hid it in a place where he knew only Gerulus
would find
it. Whatever happens, he wrote, help her.

Thank you, my friends, and Happy Holidays!

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