Free Writing and the Art of the Prompt-- Things I do when I'm supposed to be working on my short story.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Writing prompts are my new favorite thing!

Last night I was reading the January issue of the Writer magazine, and they have an entire page devoted to writing prompts and warm-ups, I could not resist the urge to try one out. 

It had been awhile since I'd used a writing prompt. The last time I used one was in my creative writing class in the 7th grade (yes, that long ago!).

So I had to finish a paragraph that began with:
The freezer door wasn't supposed to lock behind him. That wasn't part of the plan.
Yeah that was how it was supposed to start. I did more than just a paragraph. I wrote 486 words. I thought that it turned out to be a pretty interesting story for something I wrote in 15 minutes so I decided to share it with y'all.

The freezer door wasn't supposed to lock behind him. That wasn't part of the plan. This was to be an in-and-out deal. Quick and consequence free. Today was just not John's day. Well, the whole week wasn't his really. The week started out with everyday, mundane disappointments. Those he could deal with easy, but what he got was just...wrong. 
He'd thought he caught a break midweek when that guy who owns the restaurant on the corner took pity on him and offered him a job. He soon found that it would be all down hill from that point on. Exhibit one of his sucky week is when he saw his ex-wife who was accompanied by his once best friend and their child. Last that he’d heard they'd moved and now, out of the blue, they're stalking around his usual haunts. Of course, he didn't let himself be seen, not by them at any rate. 
Then, he got the job offer, and he hoped his luck was turning. The universe was not up for giving breaks, not for him, it seemed. Two days into his new job, and he's stuck in a freezer. Not because he was hard at work, no, it was because he was up to nefarious deeds. He was planning to steal just enough food to get him by for the rest of the week. Never mind the fact that he worked in a restaurant and if asked the owner would probably gladly let him get a little something. I mean, he had hired him, right? 
Now, sitting in that freezer, John's mind wanted to give one final blow before the day was done. John hadn't taken a hit of anything since he divorced. He promised his ex that he'd stop. That was the one thing she wanted from him when she left, that he'd let go of his self-destructive ways, and be the man she knew before the clouds blocked his ascension toward his dreams. She wanted him to remember a time before he felt that his world weighted him down and anchored him to reality. This is why he took his first hit of the moonrock because when he was high he could see through those clouds to his dreams. Sure, they were unreachable, but they were there nonetheless. He didn't see his dreams within the confines of this freezer, the restaurant, or the world. He couldn't even find his dreams within himself.  
He was starting to feel the cold, but he didn't get up and try the door again. He didn't bam on the door and scream for help, either. It was closing time and most of the staff had already left. He knew that no one would have a reason to go to the freezer at this time, that's why he picked it for his stealing time. Instead, he sat and froze, and, right before the end, felt weightless once again.

It was not what I expected to write, but I am happy with where the story went. 

Thank you, my friends, and be looking out for Episode 1 of my blopera!

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